Ahmed Mostahsan
MSCSE, North South University and Bachelor of Computer Engineering, American International University-Bangladesh
Teacher: O & A-Level Physics & ICT

Mr. Mostahsan has 12 years of hands-on experience in teaching and working in labs, particularly on the subjects, Physics and ICT. While he was a student at North South University, he served as a Graduate Assistant and later as a Lab Instructor for the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Department. After his graduation, he chose to be a full-time teacher and prior to joining PBGS, he has worked in some of the distinguished English medium schools as a Physics and ICT teacher.

Shaugata Hossain

BA (Hons) in English Literature and Language, Jahangirnagar University

Teacher: Grade 7 to O-Level English

As a graduate of English Literature and Language, Mr Hossain has acquired plethora of experience as a full time English teacher by working in some renowned schools and college in Dhaka as well as Chittagong. Currently, he is teaching English to the young students of PBGS.

Md. Akramuzzaman Akram

Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), Swinburne University, Australia

Teacher: A-level Biology
Akramuzzaman Akram is a Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)  Swinburne University, Australia, who is profoundly interested in science and is motivated to use his teaching skills to facilitate the student’s interests in science and extracurricular activities. Mr. Akram has 9 years of teaching Science and Biology to O-Level and A-Level students.

Mr. Akram has sound dexterity in research and has conducted some successful research in Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Food Science.

Mr. Akram has acquired relevant training and attended workshops over the years, the likes of which are: Development in Intermediate IGCSE Biology (May-2013) by Cambridge International Education; Professional Development course in AS and A level Biology (February-2015) by Cambridge International Education, and Motivation through individual study plans (2015) by Dhaka International Schools Associations.

Nasim Khan
M.Phil in Mathematics, Jahangirnagar University
Teacher: A-level Mathematics

Nasim Khan is always excited to help students excel. He believes every student is different and customizes his approach according to the student’s need. He started his career as a Mathematics lecturer at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) and ascended to become an Assistant Professor in Mathematics at BUBT. Later he switched to a renowned English-medium school to teach A-level students. It is safe to say that Mr. Khan has acquired a very strong career in the teaching profession. Mr. Khan holds an M.Phil  in Mathematics Jahangirnagar University and has 5 publications under his name.

Mst. Runa Rehana
M.Sc in Zoology and M.Ed, University of Dhaka
Teacher: Grade 8 to A-level Biology

Ms Rehana has over 8 years of teaching Biology in O/A level section in various esteemed schools in the capital of the country. Her great communication skills and zestful attitude makes her classes very dynamic and enjoyable for the students.

MBA, Independent University, Bangladesh (Major: HRM) and BBA, North South University (Major: Marketing)
Teacher: Bangladesh Studies, History, and Geography Teacher of Grade 6, 7 and 8
Co-ordinator: Grade 8

Ms Tabassum has seven years of expertise in teaching students from English medium schools and has a record of demonstrating strong leadership skills.

Sabrina Islam Priti
M.Sc in Software Engineering, Independent University, Bangladesh and B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering, North South University
Teacher: Grade 3 – 8 ICT and Grade 5 History & Geography

Ms Priti is a person who likes to take challenges in her life and explore new things-idea, place, and more. Being an ICT teacher, her main aim is to ensure that students do understand the ICT potential of situations. She believes that students should not only know how to use the ICT technique of evaluating websites and searching for information, but also be able to decide when it is appropriate to use this technique for the desired ICT solution

leadership skills.