Md. Akramuzzaman Akram
Teacher, Biology

Akramuzzaman Akram is a Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) graduate from Swinburne University, Australia, who is profoundly interested in science and is motivated to use his teaching skills to facilitate the student’s interests in science and extracurricular activities. Mr. Akram has 9 years of teaching Science and Biology to O-Level and A-Level students. Mr. Akram has sound dexterity in research and has conducted some successful research in Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Food Science. Mr. Akram has acquired relevant training and attended workshops over the years, the likes of which are: Development in Intermediate IGCSE Biology (May-2013) by Cambridge International Education; Professional Development course in AS and A level Biology (February-2015) by Cambridge International Education, and Motivation through individual study plans (2015) by Dhaka International Schools Associations.
Nasim Khan
Teacher, Mathematics

Nasim Khan is always excited to help students excel. He believes every student is different and customizes his approach according to the student’s need. He started his career as a Mathematics lecturer at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) and ascended to become an Assistant Professor in Mathematics at BUBT. Later he switched to a renowned English-medium school to teach A-level students. It is safe to say that Mr. Khan has acquired a very strong career in the teaching profession. Mr. Khan holds an M.Phil degree in Mathematics from Jahangirnagar University and has 5 publications under his name.